Grace for the Humble

While considering and studying the scriptural meaning of “grace” in the New Testament, I discovered this article by James Smith, posted on a web site called Grace Gems. The title of the article is Grace for the Humble, and I commend it highly to you. Here is the opening paragraph:

“He gives us more grace. God opposes the proud—but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6

We have no humility by nature. There may be a softness of disposition, and a readiness to yield to others—but there is no true humility. That is a fruit of the Spirit, a new covenant blessing. One of the marks of God’s children, and a proof of God’s special love. God makes us humble, and then, approving of our humility, makes many great and precious promises to us in that character. The humble Christian, is an honored character. He is a blessing to all about him, and an honor to Christ. He has much to do with God, receives much from God, and so becomes growingly like God. He avoids many snares, and escapes many dangers into which others fall. He obtains many blessings, and enjoys many comforts, to which others are strangers. O precious grace! O distinguishing mark of the Lord’s people! May I grow downward in humility before God. O to be like Jesus, rooted in humility.

~  James Smith,  1859*

In the first half of the article, Smith discusses what it means to be humble, and in the second half he talks about how God gives grace. This is worthy reading, and I recommend you take some quiet time to read and meditate on the wisdom you will find here.

* James Smith (1802-1862) was a predecessor of Charles Spurgeon at New Park Street Chapel in London from 1841 until 1850. Early on, Smith’s readings were even more popular than Spurgeon’s!


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